Keep Calm and Order Online

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As a small business owner, I've found it really difficult to decide whether to try and continue trading during the Covid-19 outbreak, or to chalk my products down as non-essential items and therefore ditto for postage.

But, then I see that the government are still encouraging online trade and every single sale really does make a difference to this little business. 

UK Postage

Whilst it can still be managed safely, I will continue to offer UK-wide postal delivery, but will limit post office drop-offs to a maximum of twice a week and of course, do all necessary hand washing! 

Local Delivery Collaboration

As for local deliveries in central Leighton Buzzard, my Chief Furry Officer and I will happily do safe door-step deliveries to anyone within dog-walking distance of LU7 1TS.

I'm also delighted to be teaming up with my favourite local florist Bits and Buds, to combine deliveries of KICA products and beautiful bouquets. If you want to treat someone you love in Leighton Buzzard we can safely deliver fresh flowers, succulents, handmade candles, relaxing bath salts and craft kits.  Only one of us will deliver and we will exchange products with each other by door-step drop as well. 

Whilst these items are not entirely "essential" they might just bring a moment of calm or message of love to someone who really needs it right now.

Bright Ideas

If you'd like to order fresh flowers AND any KICA product for delivery in Leighton Buzzard, please get in touch to arrange.