Stained Glass Tealight Holders


Stained Glass tealight holders 

This is a lovely upcycling activity which I've pinched from my daughters teacher who ran an Easter craft session via Zoom last week. It was so nice to see all the kids faces, busy upcycling in their homes and the end result was so lovely that I thought it was worth sharing here.

The kids did Easter themed designs on their jars. I tried a simple rainbow design on my jam jars and a Spring flower design on an old candle jar. If you need some inspiration, simply do a Google image search for "stained glass" and you'll find loads of ideas. It doesn't matter if you're good at drawing or not, the colours make even the most basic of designs look fab.

What you'll need:

  • An empty glass jar (e.g empty jam jar, coffee jar or candle jar) - make sure it's big enough for you to get your hand inside to put a tealight candle in.
  • Sharpie marker pens

 Upcycled jam jar, stained glass jar, colourful glass jar

How to make:

1) Starting with a black outline, draw your design onto the outside of the glass jar. 

2) Colour your design in - the brighter the better!  

3) Pop a tealight candle into the finished jar and enjoy the colours.

These colourful little jars look fab on a sunny windowsill during the day and even better in the dark when the tealight is lit.



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