Upcycled Greetings Cards


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If you like to add a handmade touch to your gift giving, or should ever find yourself on lockdown (ahem!) and can't get to the shops for Easter or birthday cards, this little craft idea might provide a nifty solution.

Inspired by a fellow maker and upcycler Frances Corlett of Jess Amy Designs, this upcycling project uses labels, stamps or magazine offcuts to create fun, colourful and totally recyclable greetings cards.

This is another easy upcycling project for kids, but also a crafty activity for adults to get stuck into (literally!). 


upcycled greetings cards, recycled can labels, recycling project, easter cards What you need:

  • A handful of food can labels (or any pattered paper, such as gift wrap, magazine pages, newspaper, music sheets, stamps, etc)
  • Some sheets of thin card, or a pack of blank greetings cards (any colour will do)
  • A glue stick, or craft glue
  • Scissors


How to make it:

1) Download and print your choice of online design templates. (www.patternuniverse.com is a great website for free templates).

If you don't have a computer/printer, draw your own outline shapes using a black pen. If you're no good at drawing, try really easy shapes like hearts or stars. You could even trace the outline of a picture from a book.

Tip: I found that resizing the downloadable templates to about 50% of their original size worked really well. 

2) Decide how big you'd like your finished greetings card to be, then cut and fold your sheets of card appropriately.  

3) Cut out the templates you've printed or drawn.

4) Stick each template onto the back of a label (or your pattered paper). 

easter rabbit template, recycled labels, upcycled greetings cards  easter chick template, easter card, handmade greetings card

Tip: Think about what colour or type of labels/paper you want to use for each of your templates. For example, we used the label from a chickpea tin to make our chick, and the label from a carrot soup tin for our rabbit ('coz rabbits eat carrots silly!). We also chose a green label to make the stem on our tulip.

5) Cut around each of your stuck-down templates.  One side of your shape will be coloured, the other blank.

6) Stick your coloured shapes onto your cards to create whatever design you like.

We made a few Easter ones with chicks, bunnies and tulips on to send to our relatives.  You could easily make birthday or anniversary cards too, using simple heart, block lettering or birthday cake outlines. 

If you're really creative, you can try freestyling it and create your designs without templates. Cut out and layer up different colours to design something completely unique.


upcycled easter cards, food can labels  

About Jess Amy Designs

Frances Corlett loves to create using items most people throw away. She makes an amazing range of artwork and greetings cards from recycled paper, tube maps, railcards, stamps and food can labels. Check her out on Etsy and Facebook.

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