Upcycled Seaside Scene

Upcycled beach scene, wooden beach huts, upcycled pallet, upcycling ideas

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

We'd only been on lockdown for a week and I already desperately wanted to see the sea. There's something about the feeling of space and freedom that you get from being on the beach that I'm missing more keenly right now.

Trouble is, we live about as far inland as it's possible to get, so a puddle on the driveway is about the only glimpse of water we can expect from here! So...I hatched a creative plan. If we couldn't get to the seaside, then we'd just have to bring the seaside to us. 

Little wooden beach huts

If you've read my Upcycled Wooden Signs post, you'll know that I discovered a couple of manky old wooden pallets languishing at the back of my garage. I used some of the wood on an easy upcycling project with my kids to make 'Do Not Disturb' signs, but what to do with the rest of the pallet?

A wooden seaside scene? Why not!

I'm sharing this because I think it would make a lovely upcycling project to try with your kids, even if you don't have the old wood lying around.  You could easily achieve something similar with cardboard from your recycling bin instead.

So, here's how it goes.

What you'll need:

  • Two old pallets, or offcuts of wood OR some large bits of cardboard (packing boxes and delivery boxes are good for this)
  • A saw and screws (if you're using wood) or scissors and glue (if you're using cardboard)
  • Paint (chalk paint is ideal, but poster paint or even water-based household paint would also be fine)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Colouring pens (Sharpie markers are best for this)
  • Other seasidey decorations if you have any - e.g little pebbles, a shell or two, some sparkly sequins, some silver foil or a shiny lid for your sunshine, etc.


How to make it:

 Pallet upcycling, pallet seaside scene, beach hut pallet, upcycled wood  Pallet upcycling, wooden seaside, upcycled pallet

1) The background

Take your first pallet, or your largest bit of cardboard, and paint on some seaside scenery.

Start with sea at the bottom, then move up to some sand, a plain background for your houses and finally some blue sky at the top.

Tip: If you don't have paint, you could colour the scenery with pens or chalk. Or you could make a collage by sticking down scraps from old magazine pages, wrapping or tissue paper.

Wooden houses, little wooden beach huts, upcycled beach huts, upcycled pallet  Upcycled houses, wooden houses, beach houses, pallet upcycling

2) The houses

Cut out a handful of basic house shapes from your second pallet/wood offcuts, or smaller bits of cardboard. 

These can be simple rectangles with a pointy end. Make sure they will fit onto your background, but feel free to vary the sizes. We made 7 taller ones to create a row of seaside houses, and 3 smaller ones for little beach huts. 

Use a saw to cut your wood, or scissors if you're cutting cardboard. And please supervise your kiddliwinks with sharp tools! 

Paint (or cover) one side of your houses.  We went for pastel seaside colours. Then, when that paint (or pen/glue) is dry, add in some details like windows and doors. Use your imagination here - one of ours has a smiley face looking out and one has battlements like the top of a castle! 

pallet upcycling ideas, seaside scene, upcycling activities for kids  upcycled jar lid, sunshine, sharpie pens, upcycling project

3) Finishing touches

When everything is dry, stick the houses or beach huts onto the background.

Wooden houses will need screwing into place. Cardboard ones can be glued on. 

We put our little beach huts nearer to the sea and then put the rest of the houses in a row slightly further up, to give the impression of a seafront street.

If you want to add any other finishing touches, fill your boots. We added a few some seagulls and stuck on a few pebbles.  Also, don't forget to add a lovely bright sun. Ours is made from an old jar lid. 

And there you have it. A big, bright and uplifting seaside scene. All you need now is some fish and chips, or an ice cream.


upcycled pallet, schnauzer dog, dog on the beach


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