About KICA | Feel Good Living


Everything at KICA is carefully crafted by hand in Bedfordshire, or sourced from other brilliant makers and upcyclers across the UK.  Every single piece receives the same care and attention to detail and nothing is mass-produced.  KICA products are usually made in small, carefully crafted batches, so you know you're buying something unique and that the choice might change throughout the year to keep things fresh and interesting. 


Every KICA product is designed with sustainability in mind.  Most of the products you see here are lovingly upcycled in some way or are handmade from natural, biodegradable or easily recyclable materials in order to reduce waste.  It's all good stuff.

KICA upcycled container candles (the ones in the tins or jars) are made using natural soy, rapeseed or coconut wax which means they are also vegan friendly.  All fragrance oils are paraben free too, so there are no nasties to be found. 



At the beginning of 2018 my husband set me a New Year’s resolution to get a new hobby. He knows I’m a creative sort and would relish the chance to try something new. I can’t honestly remember how I settled on the idea of candle-making, but a spark of inspiration found me and shortly after I had a little kitchen table production line on the go. My big idea: to put natural wax candles into upcycled food tins.  And so, KICA was born.

From hobby to small business, KICA is now growing to include a range of other handmade and upcycled home fragrance and homeware products. Some I continue to make by hand myself in Bedfordshire. Others I source from fellow upcyclers, makers and crafters from around the UK, who are also producing fab handmade homewares, eco-friendly gift ideas and interesting re-makes for you to enjoy. So watch this space and join us on the journey.