Recycled Cotton Coasters - Set of 4 - KICA Living
Recycled Cotton Coasters - Set of 4 - KICA Living
Recycled cotton coasters | Eco friendly tableware | KICA Living
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Recycled Cotton Coasters - Set of 4

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Set of 4 beautifully handmade white cotton coasters with coloured fabric detailing.

These naturally styled coasters are made with 100% recycled cotton cord and fabric remnants that were otherwise destined for the bin.

Each recycled coaster is approx. 28cm in diameter. 

This set makes a brilliant eco-friendly gift.

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More details:

These recycled coasters are handmade using fabric scraps, which means no two sets are ever quite the same. Fabric detailing can vary from those pictured. Sizing may very a little.

Clean with a damp sponge/cloth. Do not machine wash.

About the maker:

These coasters are handmade by Bedfordshire based crafter, Christa Bailey - an expert seamstress and keen recycler who keeps and reuses almost every scrap of fabric she can lay her hands on.

This item is:

Handmade | Recycled | Natural Fibres | Sustainable | Biodegradable