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Sea Breeze Reed Diffuser Refill (100ml)

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If your reed diffuse has lost it's oomph, then it could be time to refresh and refill. Waste less by reusing your reed diffuse bottle and simply replacing the diffuser oil.

Each 100ml diffuser refill bottle contains just the right amount of fragrance oil to refill any KICA upcycled diffuser bottle, or most high-street branded reed diffuser bottles too.

100ml of fragrance oil will fill your room with gorgeous fragrance for at least 3-4 months.


SEA BREEZE - a marine scent of soft citrus waters, eucalyptus, lavender and calming cedar musks.

For best results, add new bamboo reeds when you add the diffuser oil refill. Why not add a bundle of six reeds to your order - click to view.

To get the most from your diffuser oil, refresh your bamboo reeds every time you add a reed diffuser refill. Let the new reeds absorb the oil for about 30 minutes-1 hour, then turn them over. Turn your reeds every 3-4 days for maximum scent throw. If you have a larger room and want the fragrance to travel further, try adding more reeds to your bottle.

Sustainable living:

These refills are supplied in 100ml plastic bottles for lighter weight posting, BUT they are fully recyclable. Please ensure you rinse and recycle once empty.