Lavender & Bergamot Bath Salts (825g) - KICA Living
Lavender & Bergamot Bath Salts (825g) - KICA Living
Lavender & Bergamot Bath Salts (825g) - KICA Living
Lavender & Bergamot Bath Salts (825g) - KICA Living

Lavender & Bergamot Bath Salts (825g)

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Lavender and Bergamot infused natural bath salts (825g)

A relaxing bath salt blend, containing Himalayan pink salt, Epsom salts, nourishing jojoba oil and a calming blend of Lavender and Bergamot essential oils. 

Sprinkle some of these lavender bath salts into a warm bath before bed to relax tired muscles, ease aches and pains and get your body get ready for a good nights sleep.  Sweet dreams.

Large upcycled jar, approx 12-15 baths.


  • Himalayan Pink Salt - rich in 84 minerals that soothe, repair and detoxify your body
  • Epsom Salts - rich in magnesium, a vital mineral for a healthy body, thought to help relax and ease tired muscles
  • Jojoba Oil - packed full of vitamin E, this light silky oil softens and balances the skin
  • Lavender Essential Oil - thought to be one of the best oils for relaxing, calming and promoting a good nights sleep
  • Bergamot Essential Oil - a valuable balancing oil commonly used for the relief of tension or anxiety

100% natural | Vegan | No parabens | No artificial fragrances

Handcrafted in small batches and presented in a lovingly upcycled coffee jar.

Made in Bedfordshire, UK.

    How to use:

    Pour a generous handful of salts to warm running water, fill the bath to desired level and enjoy soaking in the mineral-rich waters for at least 15-20 minutes.  


    You may notice a delicate layer of oil on the surface of the water - that's just the jojoba working it's magic on your skin, which should feel noticeably soft and smooth after your bath. 

    These salts are part of an oil rich blend, so you may notice the golden yellow colour of the oil in your jar.  You can tip the jar with the lid on to ensure all of the salts stay fully coated in this wonderfully nourishing oil. 

    Also available in a smaller jar.